Animal Collective is one of those “bands-of-the-moment” that become the latest buzz-word … as far as I know, this particular vid has quickly become one of those populist “virals” that are sweeping the internet … aahhem?? … aye right!!!

Anyway …. I downloaded the new album “Merriweather Post Pavilion” last week, and find the harmonies quite pleasant and hypnotic

I was interested as it had been compared to … and get this !!! … early “Hall & Oates ” around their “War Babies” period …

Now … Hall & Oates eventually became the epitome of Disco-Twaddle, but they were, initially, superb session musicians who produced truly innovative pop & soul funk.

Daryl Hall, or Hohl, was at the age of 14 onwards, one of the first ever white musicians to play in the Harlem Apollo, as a keyboard player with The Temptations and Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

That’s what drew me to this !!! … We will see how it develops and grows on me … It’s VERY different from lots of down-home acoustic stuff that I’ve been trippin’ on, like Bon Iver … hmmm, we’ll see.



Wee Wullie Nutter was one of the first ever poem/performance pieces that I wrote, way back in the eighties. I revamped it last year, and did this wee vid with my tiny, wee digi-stills-camera’s video facility, and then editing it on Windows Movie Maker … as basic, and as simple, as you can get

I love this lo-fi technology that allows you to quickly stick things together, and although I know that it’s no threat to George Lucas’s cinematic efforts, it’s fun to be able to do your own wee bits of culture and stick it out there … so to speak


An ill-conceived escape attempt outside a New Zealand courthouse ended when the would-be fugitives, handcuffed together and blinded with pepper spray, ran on opposite sides of a lamppost.

Police were escorting the two prisoners into Hastings District Court this week when the men made a break for it, Senior Sgt. Dave Greig told The Times in London.

“They fell over and they were sprayed with pepper spray. But they got up and ran out of the court onto the street, across the road to a car park,” he said.

“That’s where they met the pole. It was all over, rover.

One man’s lawyer said his client was anxious about being sent to prison and got a case of the “collywobbles.



John Martyn, troubadour-songwriter, guitarist, and hard-drinking wildman of of echoplex harmonies, has finally hit that final chord

Of late, John looked like an 80 year old, and sounded like a 90 year old … his years & years of alcohol abuse had fair taken its toll, and I’m not one of those who glamourises the excesses of artists & artistes … I watched some close friends go down that route, and get quite angry at fans who romanticise the “slow-suicide” of their heroes.

John was a stunningly hansome young man, when I knew him, albeit briefly, and I was entranced by his early stuff … particularly in the “SOLID AIR” period of his music

Over the years, I’d occasionally see him, and was always saddened by his gradual demise

Here’s an account of one drunken encounter

John Martyn had the voice of the angels, and a soul seemingly filled with irreconcilable demons … which are now, finally, at rest

Thanx for the good stuff, ma man … I’ll miss you