Wee Wullie Nutter was one of the first ever poem/performance pieces that I wrote, way back in the eighties. I revamped it last year, and did this wee vid with my tiny, wee digi-stills-camera’s video facility, and then editing it on Windows Movie Maker … as basic, and as simple, as you can get

I love this lo-fi technology that allows you to quickly stick things together, and although I know that it’s no threat to George Lucas’s cinematic efforts, it’s fun to be able to do your own wee bits of culture and stick it out there … so to speak

2 thoughts on “WEE WULLIE NUTTER

  1. Stu, you are a talented man.

    This is edgy comedy.

    To think that these snickering jackass schoolboys Ross and Brand get paid millions for their inane pish.

    Has Marilyn Manson been around since the 80’s though?

    1. Cheers Rab

      I’m not gonna affect false modesty, ‘cos I do have a certain “pride” in the stuff that I work hard to produce

      I’m sure ye’ll understand when I say that when it comes to considering my words & poems …. they’re like my “babies” … so, it’s nice to get a fellow “artiste” to appreciate yir efforts

      Thanx for your kind words

      As far as the Ross-Brand thingy … my own feeling is that they’re both very talented, but “sold-their-souls” and produce inane pish in the certain knowledge that it pays big, big bucks

      And, they are in no doubt that they’re in the “pish” business either

      Their choice … and the best of luck to them

      I was Jonathen’s comedy producer on his “Big Night Out” series … many years ago … and, much to my surprise … as I’d always totally hated his smug TV persona … I found him to be a really lovely guy, and very funny to boot

      We got on marvellously

      That “Faustian” offer has been made to me, more than once, and … for better of worse … stupid as it sometimes seems to others … I made a decision to go my own way, doing my own daft thing … sometimes to my own detriment, financially … but … and it’s a big BUT … not a big butt, y’understand … but … at least I’m surviving … and, on my own terms

      As an artiste/artiste … that’s as much as I can ask

      I ain’t sacrificed my marriage, relationships, health, and sanity … that last is questionable, I agree

      And many of my friends, and contemporaries, went down the other road … and I don’t envy them … not one bit

      They paid a price, artistically, creatively, personally, emotionally … or whatever

      I suppose this all seems a bit “tender” & touchy-feely … especially tonight, as I feel a bit sad at John Martyn’s passing … and, the sad price he paid … if ye get ma drift

      He was … in many respects … a sad, angry, lonely, bitter man

      That’s a helluva price to pay for writing a wee tune … no matter how good it might be

      Last weekend, I played to standing-room only crowd, who’d payed about £15 a head, for two nights, in Portsmouth … maybe 450+ per night … and stormed it

      On Wednesday of this week, I played in a wee pub, to a crowd of about 30+ students, for free

      Guess which was immeasurably more fun, more creative, more adventurous, more rewarding?

      Aye … I’ll stick to being a “well-known unknown” … s’merr fun, Rab

      luv’n whirled peas


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