Night of Memories by Kevin Miller

Brian Miller was a friend,  artist, writer, designer and director who lived and worked in the town of Cumbernauld for nearly 50 years.

Sadly he passed away last August, but in his honour the Cumbernauld Theatre presented an evening of his work on January 28 2012.

This is a wee film tribute, beautifull put together by his son, Kevin

A Ripple In A Pond

A facebook conversation can be quite illuminating
It started with a mention of Grodin guitars

Kenny Caird, a fine musician and regular FB mate of mine seemingly plays one … and rather beautiful it is too

So, I remarked that I’d been ignoring one of my own prize possessions, a Bond Electragilde guitar
The Bond was a limited edition and rather unusual guitar in that it features a rather unique “step-neck” (ie. no frets, just a sort of saw-tooth effect) and built in carbon fibre construction with lotsa onboard electronics.
They were built by Andrew Bond (d. 1999) in Muir of Ord, Scotland, in 1984. The company went bankrupt & ceased trading in 1986.
British guitarist Mick Jones ( of The Clash & Big Audio Dynamite)  used a Bond Electraglide. U2’s  The Edge used his extensively on The Joshua Tree, and Will Sergeant of Echo & The Bunnymen, and Dave Stewart of The Eurhythmics were also Electraglide users.
Another FB mate, Alex Frackleton, then remarked:
“I really do not understand this homo-erotic guitar worship you lot do … I mean basically it’s a hammer.”
I had to counter that with:
“In the hands of a fool, a hammer is a tool of brute force and even violence
 In the hands of a man of passion, a hammer creates homes and knocks down prison walls, carves sculptures of the greatest beauty, has the delicacy to crack a walnut… without damaging the sweet fruit, and combined with the cutting edge of a sickle has the power to change the world for the better, for ever
 And if Thor had had a guitar, instead of a hammer, he’d have been a lot more fun”

Then Kenny Caird added this wee gem of a poem, by – Clive James :
A guitar is a thief in the night
That robs you of sleep through the wall
A guitar is a thin box of light
Throwing reflections that rise and fall
It reminds you of Memphis or maybe Majorca
… Big Bill Broonzy or Garcia Lorca
A truck going north or a cab to the Festival Hall
And the man who plays the guitar for life
Tests his thumbs on a slender knife
Forever caresses a frigid wife
His fingers travel on strings and frets
Like a gambler’s moving to cover bets
Remembering what his brain forgets
While his brain remembers the fears and debts
Long fingernails that tap a brittle rhythm on a glass
Around his neck a ribbon with a little silver hook
Like some military order second class
You can read him like an open book
From the hands that spend their lives creating tension
From the wrists that have a lean and hungry
Eyes that have a mean and angry look
A guitar is a thief in the night
That robs you of sleep through the wall
A guitar is a thin box of light
Throwing reflections that rise and fall
A guitar reminds you of death and taxes
Charlie Christian outplaying the saxes
The beginners’ call and the very last call of all
With further annotations from Pete Atkins:
And, the actual song based on the poem:

And all of that is why I do like Facebook … for all its faults and annoyances, it’s a constant source of new information, entertainment, and the delight of meeting people who share my love of new music, new information, and the sharing of it all


Mr Fry constantly amazes me as he seems to be the only person I ever hear nowadays whose pronouncements, wisdom, humour and outright common sense  constantly makes me nod in agreement, and occasionally sit upright in shocked awareness , as I learn something that I’d never before realised … and at my age, that really is a surprise
Stephen Fry … nearest thing I have to a hero … makes me smile when I imagine what a dinner party with Stephen Fry, Frank Zappa, Emilie du Chatelet, George Carlin, John Pilger, Charlie Chaplin, and Maya Angelou would be like .
Me? … I’d be the waiter!!

Blood Music – DUM DUM

A song I wrote and recorded, as DUM DUM, with Paul and Kahl , at Paul Cotton’s wee studio in Edinburgh, sometime in the late 90’s


The song was originally inspired by seeing a famous Esso advert for petrol, which featured a tiger climbing in snowy mountains, which I thought was quite ironic as their jungle environments were being destroyed by the same corporate greed that Esso was (in)famous for, and that’s why tigers were being driven to live in higher ground, to escape man’s destruction. It seemed symbolic of our environmental fight with corporate insanity.


Corky And The Juice Pigs

Back in the day … whatever the fukk that means … sometime in the early 90’s, I regularly did shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and was gobsmacked by the amazing array of diverse, and highly original comedy acts who appeared there for a mad 3 weeks of non-stop drinking, partying, and performing


None more so than what I still believe to be one of the best, most original, tightest, most manic, and hilarious acts  EVER


The legendary Corky and the Juice Pigs