OPIUM & OIL – Sparrahawk

Khris Sparrahawk sent me a copy of a fine new version of  the band’s song,
and so, whilst ensconced with my feet up, due to exceptional arsebastardness, for the past few days, I produced this wee vid for the track
I rather like this
Hope you do too

The Wee Man – Da Fleeto

I take a strong stance on media which further promote the myths of Scottish and Glaswegian stereotypes


However … I fukken love The Wee Man … so tongue in cheek, it comes out your ear … and in yir brain



And do visit his site … there is a vid of him at the Scottish Comedian of the Year Final in 2007, where he gives one of the judges, Steve Bennet (editor of online comedy magazine “Chortle”), a true verbal roasting that was deemed to be threatening and offensive by many at the time


It is, in fact, a wee moment of comic genius




The one thing that did tickle my fancy during the General Fiasco that just took place, was seeing the illustrious DEEK fae Edinbro, of FKN NEWZ fame, as he appeared behind some inconsequential ,fat cunt on the ITN news soap-opera broadcast


I’ve long been a fan of Deek’s wee vid rants on Youtube, before they banned him, and was pleased to see him reappear on his new site

I know people, and comedians, who don’t see the funny side of his output

Fukk You

You are retards … and I mean that in the non-pejorative, non-disabled, non-spastic, use of the word

His older stuff is superb, and highly viewed on the net … I ain’t checked out the more recent, but will do soon


NANOBOTS – Frenetic Genetic

Jim Brady’s latest outing as the dynamic Jimbot, alongside the dextrous doodlings of the mighty Shonabot, together produce The Appliance of Science, the Electronic Empathy, the Robotic Riff-meister, the Synaptic Syntax, the Cyber-Doodling Dynamics that is …