Sponger Porn Square Eyes

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By TVCrap Reporter – Dick Splash

If you are one of the growing army of armchair fans of watching people on benefits, on the box, then rest assured this particular strand of  reality TV, shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Benefitsploitation rocks! and with C5 set to give us Benefits By The Sea, TV commissioners and producers everywhere are coming up with up ever more interesting takes on the genre, to ensure their viewers get up close and personal with state supported spongers, willing to parade themselves in front of the cameras for our entertainment. So here’s the choicest pick of a slew of new sponger porn telly spectacles, coming soon.

First up, if you loved Benefits Street, then you’ll adore What’re The Odds They’re on Benefits?

Steve and Leanne of What're The Odds? Steve and Leanne of What’re The Odds They’re On Benefits?

A clever take on it’s predecessor, WTOTOB? introduces us to a cast of dodgy, welfare…

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