OPIUM & OIL – Sparrahawk

Khris Sparrahawk sent me a copy of a fine new version of  the band’s song,
and so, whilst ensconced with my feet up, due to exceptional arsebastardness, for the past few days, I produced this wee vid for the track
I rather like this
Hope you do too

“FREEDOM” – Sparrahawk

The mighty SPARRAHAWK, Glasgow’s own weird amalgalm of Tom Waits, Ivor Cutler, Alex Harvey, and The Spice Girls (joking … !!) are absolutely superb live, and I do wish I had the time to go to see them more often

I’ve just been listening to my favourite track, “THE LOSER” from their 2008 album, “See You Soon In The Next Cartoon”, and I’m looking forward to their forthcoming release “Urban Folk tales vol 1”

Check’em out

Here’s the album cover & some artwork I did for the guys