A.B.C. – Stu Who? & Dum Dum

I wrote & produced this track some 10 years ago, and recorded it using computer bass/drums/keyboard, which I programmed, and added vocals & guitar through at Paul Cotton’s Edinburgh studios, with Paul Dowie (Dowzer) on screaming electric guitar, and me doing all the rest basically, under the name DUM DUM

I still quite like it!!!




Wee Wullie Nutter was one of the first ever poem/performance pieces that I wrote, way back in the eighties. I revamped it last year, and did this wee vid with my tiny, wee digi-stills-camera’s video facility, and then editing it on Windows Movie Maker … as basic, and as simple, as you can get

I love this lo-fi technology that allows you to quickly stick things together, and although I know that it’s no threat to George Lucas’s cinematic efforts, it’s fun to be able to do your own wee bits of culture and stick it out there … so to speak