I’d forgotten about these illustrations, done for a wee story I wrote


The first drawing is a view of the Land Of The Celts, where Musky The Wuskie was born

The second is an illustration of The Grand Wazoo, indulging in the ceremonial act of, Sky Ski-ing , and was done to accompany a story I wrote about a wee character called Musky The Wusky – who is trying to save his village from the influence of the marauding Pictish hordes.

The long road you see in the 2nd drawing, runs through a 23-mile long canyon, which was eventually flooded, and is now known as Loch Ness


And, here is Musky, leaving home to set off to find his fortune and save the tribes colour fields, where all the world’s colours and hues are grown & harvested.

MUSKY 1 copy (2)

11-22-63 / Stephen King

Leaving behind his well-trodden, horror & supernatural path, which had often left me bemused and frequently disappointed, as I thought he was a damned good writer who wasted his creative juices on such juvenile themes, Stephen King has opted for a time-travel plot device on this outing, and has benefited greatly from this new direction.  The title relates to the date that John F Kennedy was assassinated, and the plot is not entirely unique in the sci-fi universe, in that it extrapolates a scenario where one man is faced with the possibility of going back in time, and being in a position to stop the shooting

Similar stuff has been attempted by a variety of SF writers, but I’m seriously impressed by King’s interpretation of the theme, and his wonderful depictions of a slightly-romanticised 1960’s USA, and the fantastic characters he has peopled it with
He fairly knows how to tell a compelling story, and can draw you into a personal relationship with the protagonists in a real page-turner of classic novel
Quite possibly the best thing that King has ever written, in my opinion
I highly recommend it.