Ok! Here’s where I get worried

I don’t care what the hell becomes the Xmas No 1

I’m astonished at how many different versions of the song “Hallelujah” seem to be abounding; from Rufus Wainright, Leonard Cohen, Mr Buckley, X Fuctor finalists and whatever

I am, in fact, totally fed-up with the overexposure of what was a fine wee song … and no more

And then I saw this … and what worries me is that this is like watching the Norwegian version of fukkin Westlife … and … and … it’s really rather excellent

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh !!!

I’m meltiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing … I’m meeeeeeeeeeellllllttttiiiinnngggg




Rachid Taha from the album Made In Medina



The story goes that Joe Strummer was inspired by a young Algerian band who gave him a demo tape after a Clash gig in Paris in the early 80’s, and that he then wrote the legendary rock anthem “Rock The Casbah”


The Arab band in question featured Rachid Taha, whose own band is now a worldwide phenomenon, featuring a multi-cultural ethnic mix … yeah, an Arab and an Israeli in the same band.


Rachid is the “godfather” of RAI, which is the punkrock, the music of dissent, of the Arab world


His producer has been, for the past 20 years o so, that ol’ hippy legend, Steve Hillage


Here, Rachid Taha and Mick Jones of The Clash perform Rock El Casbah … and it’s “Sharif don’t like it” … not “sheriff”, ya diddy!!