I’ll Get My Coat..

The Mark Hurst Blog

Photo: Don Mcphee

I’m thinking about a coathanger and smiling to myself. Or to be more precise, a story about a coathanger is making me smile. Not just any old coathanger though. No, I mean that Coathanger.

It’s the time of the year you see. With the World Snooker Championships on telly and the May bank holiday weekend approaching, I always tend to get a bit nostalgic about Sheffield. My home city, where The Crucible Theatre is, where the snooker’s at. And that feeling is getting stronger this year because, during a break in live coverage, they’re showing a retrospective of the famous Steve Davis vs Dennis Taylor final from 1985. If you’re old enough to have watched it, then you probably remember it. 17 frames apiece and both needing just the black to become world champion. That was the same year that I left Sheffield. The year of Coathanger…

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