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In Praise of … Re-Cycling

Going back to visit a place that you’ve already visited on your bike, or re-cycling, as we professionals like to term it, is a pure joy …  and, coincidentally, a damn site more interesting than taking bottles to a bottle-bank.

I’ve been a cycling aficionado since my early teens, and my passion for this pneumatic past-time is obviously shared by the many readers on my blog site

Some time ago, I posted an article concerning Lance Armstrong’s cancer charity fundraiser, the “Livestrong Foundation”, illustrated with a photo of him on his bike, naked in a wind-tunnel, seemingly testing aero-dynamics.  I’d also included a similar photo of UK Olympic cyclist, Victoria Pendleton, in the same position, and equally nude.

Whilst looking at the recent statistics of which page or article on my blog site had received the most hits over the past year, I was astonished to discover that this particular cycling article had actually received four times as many hits than any other article on my site.

My readership obviously shares my passion for cycling, rather than all of those comedy, clips, humorous articles, new band videos, and topical items, which I regularly post.

Or, so I thought … until I discovered a wee icon on my visitor statistics which allowed me to find out which relevant “tags”, or subject headings, had directed the viewers to my particular site, and that particular article … which turned out to be the phrases: “Victoria Pendleton”/ “Nude”/ and the title which I’d given the article – a reference to Lance’s custom-made, carbon-fibre, racing bicycle.

The article is, in fact, entitled …  “I’d Ride That”

Ah, well … so much for me attracting a higher-class of reader, folks.  It seems that I’m getting them under false pretence, second-hand, and re-cycled.

Whatever works.

WWow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Filmed over the period of a few months in and around Edinburgh by Dave Sowerby, this video of Inspired Bicycles team rider Danny MacAskill features probably the best collection of street/street trials riding ever seen. There’s some huge riding, but also some of the most technically difficult and imaginative lines you will ever see. Without a doubt, this video pushes the envelope of what is perceived as possible on a trials bike.




Sadly, my reaction to seeing these two fotos was …. “I’d ride that”

Even sadder was the fact that I was referring to the bike!


It must be auld age … or a compliment to the lovely Mrs Who’s charms?


The lovely lady, by the way, is Victoria Pendleton

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Pendleton won the gold medal in the Women’s Individual Sprint Event?

The nude shot is a recreation of the famous photo of Lance Armstrong.





By the way, Lance’s autobiography “IT’S NOT ABOUT THE BIKE” is a brilliant read, even if you have no interest whatsoever in cycling or, like myself, no interest in sport.


It’s a truly inspiring story where Lance gives a very unflattering account of his early life, being raised by a single parent, subsequent rise to fame, and eventual fight against cancer.


His recovery was all the more amazing in that he refused to be involved in all the “spiritual-miraculous-god-bless-amerika” type nonsense that the media tried to foist on his fight against cancer




And also … check out the LIVESTRONG site which Armstrong has created to support and help cancer sufferers and survivors





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