For the past couple of months I’ve regularly been playing the music of MALCOLM MIDDLETON, ex-Arab Strap, a band that I don’t really know that well , but whose stuff I really must now look at


I just happened across Malcolm’s solo songs on Myspace, and was immediately blown away by his colloquial loose style and beautifully poignant but wryly humorous lyrics


Check out this lovely wee song, A BRIGHTER BEAT, sung in a full-blown Falkirk accent, with a great opening verse


A Brighter Beat

Now you’ve gone and left me and there’s nothing here
But a tenner in my pocket and a fridge full of beer
There’s an army around the country, we’re all stuck in our rooms
It takes a lot of preparation to make a move
Out the door
Down the stairs
Out the close
Down the street
On the bus
To the pub
And there people meet
But I’d rather sit and stare and wonder what might happen there
If I could move my head in time with a brighter beat