CHUCK LORRE – The Big Bang Theory



Chuck Lorre is the writer/producer of top US sitcoms, “Dharma & Greg”, “Grace Under Fire”, “Two And A Half Men”, and his most recent success, “The Big Bang Theory”


Maggi and I are currently enjoying the second series of Big Bang, and particularly the performance of young actor Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon, the ultimate cyber-geek … and US incarnation of my friend and comedian, Adam Bloom


Chuck Lorre has a wonderful idiosyncrasy, in that he writes individual “vanity cards” (inserted into the credits at the end of a show, identifying the production company) in stream-of-consciousness style for all of his Chuck Lorre Productions shows.


These cards are often hilarious, profound, and quite irreverent in their criticism of the network his shows are broadcast on.


The cards are sometimes banned by the network, but the offending cards can be seen on Chuck’s own site


Here’s a sample vanity card from the site






The CAMERA PANS across the headstones and crypts

as we HEAR:



Some people say there’s no god. I disagree. I think there’re actually four gods: The god of money, the god of medicine, the god of war and the god of technology. Like it or not, these are the gods that rock our world. I mean, when stuff goes seriously wrong who do you call? Your priest or your lawyer? Your rabbi or your doctor? Your minister or a cop? Your monk or the smug little geek who set up your home entertainment system? But while the gods of tech, medicine, guns and money give us the illusion of being safe, they don’t give our lives meaning. For that we need other gods. And who are these other gods? Well, look around. They’re sports stars, movie stars, rock stars, the occasional political and business figures, cute chicks who become princesses, and rich chicks who don’t seem to require food. These are the deities who connect us with our abandoned inner selves. Their joy is our joy, their suffering is our suffering. We love and fear them, and occasionally crucify them. Which is a long-winded way of getting to what I do for a living. I buy and trade relics: the physical remains of dead gods.

The CAMERA FINDS: JOHN, a happy-go-lucky, long-haired guy in his late twenties. At the moment John is digging up the body of JIMI HENDRIX. In between shovels he looks up, smiles and WAVES AT THE CAMERA.


Here’s my own graphic using one of Chuck’s card quotes