Why Do You Do Comedy?

Why Do You Do Comedy?

Well, I’ve read all sorts of accounts, and theories, and explanations, and rationalisations and disections of the comedic pursuit, and I agree in some respect with them all … I do it for recognition, to earn a living, as a challenge, to stroke my ego, to indulge my vanity, as a reaction to aspects of my own inner-struggle, as a form of cathartic therapy, blahdee-blahdee-blah!!!!
After doing various gigs in the past month, to large and small audiences, both attentive and intelligent, and then drunken and raucous, with stories and one-liners, old material and newly written, to a chorus of laughter and even rounds of applause, today’s gig was the best by far
My father-in-law, Eddie, is ninety-one years old and someone I’m very fond of.
Eddie’s eyesight, hearing, and general health are on the wane, and watching him sit looking morose, in front of a 42 inch TV screen he can barely see, struggling to hear the conversations of the family as they sat talking, surrounded by newspapers and large-print books which are of no real practical use to him any more, and hearing him say that he didn’t get much enjoyment from life anymore, made me both sad and determined – bloody determined
I quickly concocted a ten-minute routine of stories and jokes from my stage-material, that might suit his tastes, sat in front of him, literally nose-to-nose, and belted out my best stand-up possible ,with all the effort and care that I’d do if playing The London Palladium in front of a full-house – and he laughed, … he laughed uproariously, … and his eyes twinkled in delight, smiling furiously and contentedly
That’s why I do comedy … to see that.
That’s more than enough

Prometheus’ Garden by Bruce Bickford

Bruce Bickford, famous for his collaborations with Frank Zappa, created this animation in 1988. Based on the myth of Prometheus, it is the only film in which he had complete creative control. A hallucinatory take on a well-known myth, it is beautifully made and intriguing to watch.

MONSTER ROAD – Bruce Bickford.

MONSTER ROAD is a feature length documentary about the life and work of legendary underground animator Bruce Bickford.
Best known for his collaborations with Frank Zappa in the 1970s, Bickford is an international cult figure who has influenced generations of animators while somehow eluding mainstream notoriety.
Directed by Brett Ingram, MONSTER ROAD won sixteen awards including “Best Documentary” at the Slamdance Film Festival before a two-year run on Sundance Channel. The new MONSTER ROAD “Collector’s Edition” DVD is available, along with Bruce Bickford’s animated masterpiece PROMETHEUS’ GARDEN, exclusively at http://www.brettingram.org

John Coletta – The Humpff Family – The Funny Farm

The Humpff Family were, literally, the house-band on The Funny Farm TV series which I hosted some years back
I’ve just found these wee songs by John Coletta, the singer wae the Humpffs, and it’s great to see him in action again!!