I’m an old fukker with an attitude, who is of the heavily socialist persuasion, with leanings towards an aetheist form of buddhism, as a philosophy whose main tenet is – DO NO HARM

I write, make music, garden, cycle, produce art in various forms, take lotsa photographs, and still sincerely believe that people are inherently good

I married my childhood sweetheart, Maggi, and am still with her, heart and soul

We produced, together, two rather remarkable offspring, Kahl and Kari our son and daughter

I am a stand-up comedian who primarily tours, doing live gigs, and have little or no trust or interest in anything involving The Meeja

“Power Corrupts – Ultimate Power Corrupts, ultimately”

37 thoughts on “About

  1. Saw you at Stirling uni a while ago you were great.

    Have you got any advice for someone starting stand up in Scotland

      1. From Glasgow – Scotland … the bit above England, and to the left of Norway!

        I’m a stand-up / artist / muso … and, I’ve actually gigged in your magnificent city … the only town I’ve ever considered as good as my own!!


    1. NICE?????????

      It’s NOTHING like what you’ve been led to believe … trust me … It’s beautiful in its countryside, tough in its cities, generous in its people, changeable in its weather on an hour to hour basis, requiring shorts and fur coats on the same day!!

      I love it

  2. Stew!
    yew might mind o’ me frae years ago in the Design Team at CDC and as the leather clad bass player of Hell, Death + Breakfast. If no, why?
    Anyways, guid tae see yir still pluggin’ away and mair important still wi Maggie. I’m desperate tae catch up wi Wee Anni, if ye could connect us I’d be forever in yer debt.

  3. Stu. What with Donovan in 69, the mash of debbie=the doors MASHUP I am not a flippin stalker and (inever met Billericky Dickie) Your family sounds like a solid unit. I wanted that, we sweethearted at a young age but now we both love but cannee (sic) live near, our 3 are only young and it seems it is only me that still hears a whisper of BROKENHOME in the deepest recessess of ma mind (sorry) I love that you have fulfilled a role that only my (now passed over)favourite uncle ever had in MY youth: Socialist updates from inner london (a hart of a matter, long ago) I love that Blair Peach’s family had SOMe redress last year (only knoew of THAT gross injustice from LKJ ((a hero still)) I am not sttoopid but feel it as tochnelogy (MINE!!) (the word is BETTER than Technology hee hee)has made me a dumb granny of a young mum, grr the frustrations since i was gifted a Hewlert Packard=Vista…anyway, I saw Neil Innes (presumably THE neil Innes>?) and then HAD to ‘risk’ sending this. FBOOK is my first forray into social media i have only 33 friends (bummermaaan i akshly wanted 21!) and it keeps scaring me (my luddite tendencies that is!!) anyway, mostly want to say. youWHO have been a GODSEND since i ”discovered”” you, Maggie and the 2 offsprung make me believe in family and in MY little life THAT IS FOOKIN PRICESLESS. xxxxx thank you for being a sanity saviour (ucan steel tha’ if itz any nuse to yooo hehehe xxxxx LOVE ALL THE LIVELONG DAY. XXX JAH/GOD/HEAVENZ BLESS YOU AND YOUR WHANAU. (SERIOUSLY) onelove

  4. Cheers RJ … I gather you got me through Facebook then, eh?

    The Neil Innes is certainly THE Neil Innes from my point-of-view, but not the Bonzo one … he’s a Scotsman who was the drummer in Itai Itai, the band we played in together

    I agree that LKJ is a hero BTW … glad ure enjoying my wee posts

    Love’n Peas


  5. Hi there Stu.Contacting you from an events company who has an event coming up in November.Would love if u could g
    et back to us to discuss further.My number is 07525539052.

  6. Hello Stu, how are you? Not sure you remember me? We met a few times in Leeds and Newcastle, we had a few beers etc after your gigs back at my place, hope you’re doing ok? Graham

  7. what an impressive website!! did u really do those drawings? After years of working on a closed digital system I’ve finally got a new computer and decided to connect to the internet. I’ve just made a facebook page – Keith Whyte – and I’ve somehow made 3 email addresses! if you want to get in touch. K

    1. Cheers, David … so glad you liked it and spread it around. Appreciated, ma man! … and it’s amongst some heady stuff on that forum!! Very political … I must explore.

    1. Thanks for this Stu,

      Great to hear back from you and see you’ve signed up to use the Media Lens board. See you there!

      All the best


  8. We knew each other in the early eighties in Cumbernauld. I ran the Cumbernauld Workers Center, do you not remember? I lived in 402 Millcroft Road.

  9. We collaborated together during the miners strike! That should have been Cumbernauld Unemployed Workers Centre!!!

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