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An old music track that I played & recorded many years back …

I added lotsa clips and Bazingas, and a classic bit of Airplane

The picture quality is crap, I know … all I could find in a hurry!!

A song I recorded maybe a decade back, with the help of my son, Kahl, and friends, Paul Dowie on guitar, and Paul Cotton doing the recording

The topic of UFO’s and alien overlords still haunts many, whereas I believe the aliens are definitely amongst us … they’re called Capitalists


Unidentified Flying Objectivity
There’s aliens about, so, watch out
It might be you
It might be me
You look alright, but I still got my doubts
Everybody’s suspect, no one’s innocent
All taking part in an alien experiment
Filling us with chemicals and changing our air
I wonder if you are aware

We are surrounded by aliens
In every town, there’s an alien
Don’t look round
There’s an alien
And there’s no running away

Everybody’s talking ’bout alien visitors
Contemplation of invasion
All they need is good solicitors
Legalising murder and mass starvation
Jobs as policemen and policewomen
They ain’t half funny
And they ain’t half-human
It might get better
It might get worse
When Earth becomes the nigger of the Universe

They don’t have tails
They don’t have tentacles
They wear nice suits and gold-rimmed spectacles
Changing slowly
Changing time
Changing bodies and changing minds
Taking over the population
Effecting a mass mutation
Your resistances will be overcome
Your disbelief at what I’m saying
Is the first symptom

We are surrounded by aliens
In every town, there’s an alien
Don’t look round
There’s an alien
And there’s no running away

Unidentified Flying Objectivity
There’s aliens about

Many years ago, some 10-15 … I’m not at all sure … my son Kahl wrote and produced a lovely wee bit of squelchy synth dance … I then added piano and guitar noises and now, many years on, I’ve added some spoken word and some collage images to create this wee vid

Hope you like it

Brian Miller was a friend,  artist, writer, designer and director who lived and worked in the town of Cumbernauld for nearly 50 years.

Sadly he passed away last August, but in his honour the Cumbernauld Theatre presented an evening of his work on January 28 2012.

This is a wee film tribute, beautifull put together by his son, Kevin

Oh Boy … I can certainly relate to this, having watched the endless cycle of insanity and stupidity which repeats the same old bullshit, justifications, and excuses, decade after decade, after decade, after decade, after decade.



We have more than enough for everyone’s needs, but never enough for the elitist greed which dominates our tortured wee planet


after decade,

Bruce Bickford, famous for his collaborations with Frank Zappa, created this animation in 1988. Based on the myth of Prometheus, it is the only film in which he had complete creative control. A hallucinatory take on a well-known myth, it is beautifully made and intriguing to watch.

MONSTER ROAD is a feature length documentary about the life and work of legendary underground animator Bruce Bickford.

Best known for his collaborations with Frank Zappa in the 1970s, Bickford is an international cult figure who has influenced generations of animators while somehow eluding mainstream notoriety.

Directed by Brett Ingram, MONSTER ROAD won sixteen awards including “Best Documentary” at the Slamdance Film Festival before a two-year run on Sundance Channel. The new MONSTER ROAD “Collector’s Edition” DVD is available, along with Bruce Bickford’s animated masterpiece PROMETHEUS’ GARDEN, exclusively at


My son’s sound production company, SAVALAS,

is involved in TV, advertising, games, drama, and music

Here’s a few examples of their work

I think they’re DAMN GOOD … but, of course, I’m biased .. but they are bloody BRILLIANT



A lovely wee cover version, and then the original track


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