The one thing that did tickle my fancy during the General Fiasco that just took place, was seeing the illustrious DEEK fae Edinbro, of FKN NEWZ fame, as he appeared behind some inconsequential ,fat cunt on the ITN news soap-opera broadcast

I’ve long been a fan of Deek’s wee vid rants on Youtube, before they banned him, and was pleased to see him reappear on his new site

I know people, and comedians, who don’t see the funny side of his output

Fukk You

You are retards … and I mean that in the non-pejorative, non-disabled, non-spastic, use of the word

His older stuff is superb, and highly viewed on the net … I ain’t checked out the more recent, but will do soon



A gig at Barlinnie Prison Glasgow in 2008 was great fun, and a reminder of past gigs I did in various prisons back in the 90’s.  Unfortunately, a twat journalist on Glasgow’s Evening Times newspaper ran a sensationalist article along the lines of

“TV Star Does Private Jail Gigs For Drug Barons”,

and all further gigs were banned forthwith … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

As part of HMP Barlinnie’s Mental Health Awareness and Outreach Programme for inmates, I was asked to come to the famous Glasgow prison to perform for those inmates who had actively taken part in the scheme.

 I did this new gig organised by Alan Anderson, and accompanied by Scottish Comedian of The Year 2008, Scott Agnew, and all three of us had a belter of a night, as did the audience

At the start of my spot, I used the opening from my current one-man-show:

“Are there any Eejits in the house?”

which was met with a bit of a stony silence … to which I replied:

“I beg to differ, gentlemen … have you had a look where you are?

Barlinnie Prison?

You all look like a right bunch of eejits to me”

By the end of my spot, I repeated the question, regarding any Eejits in the house, and was greeted with a huge, rousing cheer of assent

What a result …. excellent.