Tell Me Why – Stu Who?

My latest wee vid, done whilst trying out new editing software, as a learning exercise … and a long, slow fukken annoying process it was
I did the music on an old steam-driven prog … vox added on the laptop … rather lo-fi, but that’s the way I like it
After lotsa mistakes and hassles, I give up … this’ll have to do
The next one will be better … as I dumped that software and will start afresh
The words are from poem that I wrote, performed over a bit of music that I also wrote, and played, … they just fitted perfectly together somehow
“Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings” sounds like screen directions for a crap, porn film  … but it also has that ring of truth to it … Kids can ask the most naive and simplistic of questions that cut through the bullshit and flim-flam, getting right to the heart of the matter … the real questions which need answering

16 thoughts on “Tell Me Why – Stu Who?

  1. Stu, I found your website because it came up when I was searching for Martin Colgan, a guitarist who’s picture appears on your website somewhere. I’m trying to get in touch with him and wondered if you had his email or phone number. I notice that you also have a connection to Chou Pahrot. You might know me from that time because I was their other drummer after Fish Feathers left. I was with them for about a year or so and played on the album. I left after the German tour in ’79 and I didn’t really see them much after that. I used the name ‘The Amphibian’ on that recording because the only thing I could think of wearing for the photoshoot was a wet-suit that I had lying in my wardrobe. If you’ve got Martin Colgan’s contact details I would be very grateful. Cheers, John

    1. Good grief! John O’Neill. How the heck are you? John Wilson, (Blitzkrieg) here. I came across Stu’s site too while looking around for Martin and all of you Thirteenth Guest/Trio of Doom guys. All of you seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet except Nigel Clarke. Any ideas of the whereabouts of Mr Fitzsimmons? Stu, I’m sure did a freshers night ar Glasgow Uni in the mid 80’s along with your good self and a clutch of other acts. God the 80’s seems to be light years away now. Hah.

  2. It’s the mighty John O’Neil!!! I remember you well, sir!!

    I still talk of those days, on this blog and on Facebook

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any contact for Martin … it’s been decades since I heard anything about him

    I will, however, ask around and get back to ya if I hear anything!!

  3. strewth! martin colgan!! there’s a name from many years! i was friendly with martin since i was aboot 5 years old. that’s even longer than i’ve known you stu! Fuck yeah! i am this old. bollox!

  4. by the way, do you have anything left from the Unnatural Acts cabaret period wi’ you and john manion? I will never forget blacking and dressing as a cannibal for the first show at the cottage theatre. Remember?? Best line ever ” You’re too fucking ugly to come in!”

  5. Naw, Frank … I don’t have any nostalgia stuff … especially fae that period … I do remember the cannibal however … classic stuff!! Would be very un-PC nowadays I bet!!

  6. Hey guys….Its Martin here…Im rebranded as Aelred which is my middle name..Im a classical Tenor specialising in Puccini,Verdi,Rossini and Donizetti and have been on tour last year 2012 with His Holiness The Dalai Lama amongst many other amazing things.I also play Flamenco guitar and have my first soundtrack for Motion Picture starring Ray Winstone called “Sabini”,Its a 1930’s Italian gangster film set in Little Italy London.Im sponsored by Ramon Demarco of the Edinburgh Corn Exchange Empire for my tour which is kicking off in Uk “An evening in Tuscany”..To John O’Neill,John Wilson,Frank and of course Stu the legend haha….Would sooo love to hear from any u guys…

  7. Ha hahhh! Martin Aelred! No wonder I couldn’t find you on the net.
    Brilliant to hear from you Martin, and so good to hear that you’re doing so well, and lookin’ so bloody cool too, you swine. 🙂
    At first I thought it was a bit of a wind up, but I checked out some of your vids, damned good stuff ( I must admit to not being an opera fan, but you’re adding a definite style of your own that could open up the genre to more people ) and quite a turn round from the guitar wizzardry (and other instruments) I know you for. I think there was a tiny hint of opera in some of your vocals in some of those early demos and live recordins from the 80’s, but you could kinda cover all angles vocally and instrumentally. Might we hear an operatic version of “Man With The Suitcase”, “Pictures and Magazines” or more realistically, “Tuesday” ?
    I hope to hear from you soon for a bit of gossip, if any…
    All the best
    John W

    1. Hey John…Id forgot about those songs….wow…great another three for my back cat haha….Hey Thanks for the comp…well deserved of course :)))…Seriously great to hear you John…Ive often thought when Im in Glasgow I might just have bumped into you..I hope u are still playing great drums…U must be…u were Xtremely talented as a player..Yeah to me the human voice is by far the most advance instrument…Ive just finished a concert tonight in South Queensferry outside Edinburgh…Raised £1000 for Marys Meals feeding kids in Africa,India and Haiti…Remarkably £7 feeds a kid for a year…Im feeling very happy..delighted…Be great to see you man…Ive did many sessions with Ross you know him?…He plays with Sharlene Spiteris Texas…great player too..Off to the launch of Eastcoast FM tomorrow in Haddington East Lothian…a million miles from Glasgow haha….Will see you soon hopefully John…Aelred (martin)

  8. Listen Martin, if you’re not careful, with all that good work you’re doin’
    you’ll end up with a sainthood. 🙂 Ross McFarlane eh? Well I’ll take him on AND John O’Neil, In a drum battle!!!!
    I wasn’t called Blitzkrieg for nothing!!! I’ll out drum them with sheer volume, hah hah!
    Actually I haven’t played professionally since 97. I’d been in and out of a few record deal situations with 3 bands
    since 85, and in 95 I was involved with a band with an independent deal in the states and lived there until 97
    finishing off in L.A. doing a bunch of showcases there, aiming for a major deal that came so close.
    The company wanted to hear more demos, but my visa had run out and I had pretty much got tired of the situation
    of being trapped over there and my “trouble and strife” over here in Scotland. So I came home to think about it but didn’t return.
    I did start writing my own stuff though, which can be found on My Space under Project xi. It’s a bit tricky to find. If you can’t
    find it and you don’t mind, I’ll add you as a friend there.
    Do you still have the old green (hand painted?) Ibanez guitar? Actually while I remember, I’ve got a bunch of Peaches stuff
    I’ve transferred to cd if you you don’t have them I can fire a copy off to you. Sadly I lost a load of stuff in the mid 80’s on cassette
    but I still remember them paricularly “Tunnel Vision”, “Stranded” and “Calling Other Worlds” really great melodies,(well they MUST be great melodies if I can remember them :-)) very hooky.
    You and Gerry were a great team.
    Well, I’d better wander off the noo
    Catch up with you soon.
    Mind how you go
    John W

    1. Blitzkrieg… that’s right…you were very loud John….Great too…I do believe you about the drum battle ha-ha…..great fun….I dont know if John O Neil plays anymore? He was a fine drummer too…very technical…Sainthood well…. I’m cool with that ha ha…. I’ve sang for many Spiritual leaders now…Gordon Brown was in an audience last year…maybe not that spiritual though…:))
      I stopped writing 4 years ago when I retrained as a classical player/singer but have just started again..I write in Italian now…weirdly enough..I have just completed a piece called “Sabini’s theme” which I’ve created a classical guitar theme,an orchestral arrangement and a Sicilian folk arrangement with choir.I have literally cases of material dating back decades…Trouble and strife…OK…say no more haha….Ive got 3 kids ALL highly musical…Ryan plays drums and has done since he was two….Jamie plays Flamenco guitar and Charlotte my baby sings like an angel…She wants to play guitar too now she told me today….Im sooo pleased they are a “chip off the old block”…They are the only kids in my big big family to have the music gene…Gerry was an amazing musician..Sadly he no longer is with me in this life….He is in another realm though…every day 🙂
      Ive put together an amazing team of people now for my next tour..Im really excited about its planning so far….Im gonna be soo busy its frightening…Im also hooking up with an International network of Charities to release the Official Vatican Hymn “Credo Domine” which Ive produced and sang with a 40 strong male choir..Sung in Spanish…I played it to a hardened criminal 3 weeks ago…He now wants to become a Christian ha ha…..Jokin aside …its a great track..Ive got iTunes into BIG TIME too…keep u posted have a meeting 13th May about it release….Take care Johnny boy…Marti

      1. Aw Martin. I’m so sorry to hear about Gerry. What on earth happened? That must have been such a blow to you and your family.
        Like you, Gerry was such a great all round musician. For me he was SUCH an easy bass player to play with. He really swung but kept the groove too. Very fluid. I was really spoiled playing alongside him. I’ve just been listening to “Temptation” with Gerry on lead vocal and possibly everything else too. A fantastic track. Did he do any others.
        How are the tour plans coming along for you? You never know, I might turn up and heckle you. Hah hah. (joking)
        That’s a cool version of Begin The Beguine that you do, and the dance (ish) track with the skeleton animation is great too.
        Three kids eh? It’s a good job you didn’t decide to become a castrati singer. 😉 Good to hear that they’re all musical too.
        We (Caroline and I. You remember Caroline don’t you) have one girl, Nat. She’s musical too, a great ear, and she plays a bit of guitar and ukulele too.
        Is that movie you’ve been doing music for called Lords Of London? I’ll watch out for all your projects your such a busy boy.
        Keep in touch
        and take care
        John. 🙂

  9. Yeah..Lords of London is the new name for Sabini….Ive finished the music composition…just have to record it in London now…We have a nice studio to work in on Kingston upon Thames…very posh and civilised…haha….The engineer Ive been assigned was the keyboard player with Steve Harleys Cockney Rebel…a bit of rock n roll history there…Im attempting to keep it as acoustic as possible..Ive even bought a violin to try and play the parts myself..its coming on nicely too…U must come to one of my Evening in Tuscany dates…Its a great show with some very fine music…quality all the way.some good fun bits too….Im off to Barga in Italy (tuscany) in July for 3 concerts sponsored by the Catholic Church and Glasgow City Council.Entourage consists of…Alex Mosson former Lord Provost of Glasgow.Ronnie Convery PA to Archbishop Tartaglia and retired Archbishop Conti haha…….oh and my Mum…..Gerry…well,….I will tell you when I see you….He is my inspiration…..such a great musician…Thanks John….I remember Caroline…of course…thats great John..I hope she is well too…after spending all that time with the Blitzcreig haha……Im rehearsing almost constantly now for my tour.It starts end of Aug but I have 7 dates in Edinburgh Festival before it,a trip to Aranjuez Spain where Rodrigo wrote his guitar concerto,a full marketing content to create for the Tuscany tour,7 new pieces to learn,18pounds to lose,2 weddings,concerts in Barga and the admin for the next phase of Tuscany to start next week…Im doing the tour in 10 venue blocks…The next 10 Im looking at London Jan 2014 with one already booked in Richmond….So…you have a daughter too…Congrats John….So …u still have a kit????? what kind John….Pearl?

    1. Hi Martin.
      it’s Jim Paterson here. How are you?
      My band the BordererS are touring Europe at the moment but we’ll be back in Scotland soon. Could you possibly suggest a great drummer, bass player or kbd player?
      Speak to you soon I hope.
      PS We re-recorded a song that you sang on years back with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. I live in Oz now.

  10. That was a hoot bumping into you in town last week Martin. What were the chances of that happening?:-)
    I’ll catch up with you on Myspace. Good luck with your big show on Saturday the 14th. Hopefully I’ll be able to see
    it online. Oh yeah, I’ve still got a drum kit, an old Sonor which my daughter now plays. 🙂
    Take care.

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