Bomb Culture

When I was in my 20’s, I read a rather popular book at the time, called “Bomb Culture, by Jeff Nutall … dealing with the impact of being the first generation raised living in the shadow of nuclear war, and how that affected our attitudes and caused the emergence of the Beat Generation and subsequently, the Freak Generation … the term “hippy” being an Americanism, or media term, which we sorely resented at the time

I painted this wee image back then, and it has hung in our living-room for decades.

We’re re-decorating … so, it’s changing venue … and I scanned it whilst it’s in storage

Bomb Kultchur

BOMB 2 d

6 thoughts on “Bomb Culture

  1. I remember too. I walked round the playground wondering if any of us would live to see the evening. If the teachers wondered too they didn’t let on.
    I was thirteen then. The nuclear missiles turned back from Cuba and I lived to meet Nuttall once, through Tom McGrath…
    Nice clouds, Stu.

    1. I was also 13 years old when it all happened in 1962, … I don’t really remember the Cuba Missile Crisis being a concern, as I was living in Easterhouse and gettin yir hole and avoiding gettin a kikkin, daily, were really the major priorities of the day …. and was just hitting 19 when I read Nuttal, heard Sg Peppers and went to Castle Toward Art Course

      Phew … it all changed dramatically from there

      The counterculture claimed me big style … and never really let me go since!!

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