The Funny Farm was a co-operative of new comedians, based in Glasgow, in the 1989-90 period. We were a varied bunch, thrown together by necessity in our need to do-it-ourselves, as there was literally no comedy scene whatsoever at that time in Scotland, outside of the mainstream club comics, and pantomime and summer season vaudevilians.
We set up our own gigs in pubs, clubs, and community centres … did improv comedy and workshop nights, and in the course of a couple of years established ourselves to the extent that Scottish Television recorded an eponymous series of stand-up comedy, based around our members, which I hosted each week, on Friday, late-night
The original Funny Farm members were a lovely bunch of people … keen, funny, and great to have as friends … our enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment spilled onto the stage, and it was a great experience to be involved with such a fine bunch
Here’s a foto of myself, Parrot and Bruce Morton

Here are some really low quality shots, taken from a contact sheet I found, of some of the original gang.






The Funny Farm tv series, was produced by the wonderful Kim Kinnie, whose Comedy Store connections in London allowed the show to feature guest artistes of an astonishing quality and pedigree, such as Bill Hicks, Lee Evans, Jo Brand, Jimmy Tingle, Sean Lock, Nick Revell, Paul Merton, Eddie Izzard, The Comedy Store Players, and practically every good comedian who appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe over the years the show was broadcast

3 thoughts on “THE FUNNY FARM

  1. Radio Scotland did a show on the history of stand up in Scotland last year. Bruce Morton paid fulsome tribute to yer good self and your role in getting the Funny Farm on the TV. He said that before that comedians had to go to London to get gigs and the show was instrumental in establishing the comedy scene in Scotland. The 21st anniversary show at the old Fruitmarket was great!

      1. Patrick asked me and a couple of pals through to Hamilton last year. It was a great night with Bruce, Michael Redmond, Phil Differ and Pat all on great form. I’d heard most of Bruce’s routine before but it still made me laugh out loud. It’s happened when I’ve seen you too. Do you actually get people requesting gags and routines?

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