As I related in an earlier post,… … the mighty Chou Pahrot were a weird 70’s Glasgow phenomenon that only the truly stoned & deranged could and would appreciate

A cacophony of deranged syncopation and discordant mayhem which would take you to the point of teeth-gritting surrender, and would then suddenly drop off a cliff of feedback and bass to emerge as a beautiful violin melody of exquisite toe-tapping sensibility … and all done with a huge tongue wedged in a Clydesdale horse’s cheek

Their studio recordings were enjoyable diversions but could never even come close to the sonic assault of musical claustrophobia and joyous dementia that their live performances could induce

Here is a hissy, old recording of that experience that is worth the effort … if you dare

Not for the faint-hearted

Chou Pahrot – Live at the STUC Birthday Party, in 197?ish


2 thoughts on “CHOU PAHROT LIVE

  1. I think that the son of one of the members of Chou Pahrot (Ruaraidh Sanachan) is also a musician and works under the name of Nakt Insecten (droney, ambient pulp sci-fi kinda stuff – not really my bag)

  2. Stu, I’m absolutely delighted to discover this blog. I was actually the drummer (briefly) between Fish Feathers McTeeth and The Amphibian shortly before the ‘Live’ album was recorded and played a load of gigs with the Pahrots, including the STUC gig linked on this site, It must have been 1977 or 1978 as I remember having to turn down a subsequent tour in Germany because I’d just started music study full-time at the then RSAMD.

    I grew up right next door to Bob Donaldson in Johnstone Castle and was always a massive fan of the band. What a privilege it was to play with them!
    Proton Earsticks (Robert Purse)

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