Man – C’mon / Keep on Crinting

Back in those heady days of the hippy, dope-smolking, 1970’s, I would head up to Bob Cairns hoose, where he and his younger brother Jimmy would be sitting in the sweet-smelling fug of hash bliss, playing their guitars and introducing me to a whole new world of music
There were no cassette recorders available on which to get a copy of stuff I might hear, and many of the albums were termed “underground” and not readily available, unless you went into Bruce’s Records in Glasgow and ordered these strange esoteric offerings
It was in these situations that I first heard the likes of Yes, Murray Roman’s Backtrack 13, Spirit’s 12 Dreams Of Dr Sardonicus, Roy Harper, John Martyn, Frank Zappa, Can, Pink Floyd, and a myriad of other bizarre and unusual influences
Much of this stuff disappeared in the mists of times and the clouds of stoned oblivion, but every now and then someone will post a track on Facebook which I absolutely adored some 30 years ago, and as I didn’t own the album, I’ve never heard since
This, in particular, falls into that category
Kenny Aird posted it on FB, and when I heard it there was such shock of nostalgia and a rememberance of forgotten moments
Bloody Hell!!

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