11-22-63 / Stephen King

Leaving behind his well-trodden, horror & supernatural path, which had often left me bemused and frequently disappointed, as I thought he was a damned good writer who wasted his creative juices on such juvenile themes, Stephen King has opted for a time-travel plot device on this outing, and has benefited greatly from this new direction.  The title relates to the date that John F Kennedy was assassinated, and the plot is not entirely unique in the sci-fi universe, in that it extrapolates a scenario where one man is faced with the possibility of going back in time, and being in a position to stop the shooting

Similar stuff has been attempted by a variety of SF writers, but I’m seriously impressed by King’s interpretation of the theme, and his wonderful depictions of a slightly-romanticised 1960’s USA, and the fantastic characters he has peopled it with
He fairly knows how to tell a compelling story, and can draw you into a personal relationship with the protagonists in a real page-turner of classic novel
Quite possibly the best thing that King has ever written, in my opinion
I highly recommend it.

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