Tex’s Last Roundup

Today, we laid Maggi’s dad to rest.
When we were younger, Eddie’s “party-piece” and favourite song was a Gene Autrey cowboy classic “Wanderers Of The Wasteland” which prompted me to nickname him Tex Coyle. The name stuck, and for many years the Friday night card sessions at Tex’s were our regular routine.
When I remembered this, earlier in the week, I realised that, much to my surprise, I still could recall all of the words, even though maybe 40 years had passed. Tex Coyle’s version had obviously made a big impression on me, even though it made me laugh back in those days of my youth
Last night, I sat with my guitar and sang it for Tex, one last time … AND I did Eddie’s version, which had different lyrics from the Gene Autrey version … and all the better they were too
We are wanderers of the wasteland
My lop-eared mule, my broken down horse and me
Always travelling going nowhere
Across the plains and o’er the hills go we.
When I was young  /  I used to be
A high-falutin’, rooting-tooting son of a gun in Wyoming
I loved a gal  / She loved my pal
So I packed my bag and saddled my nag
And then I started roaming
Now we’re only a lonely trio
Without a friend, we trail along endlessly
Three old wanderers of the wasteland
My lop-eared mule, my broken down horse and me.
Gaunyirsel TEX … Yeeeehah!!!

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