The Blackpool Comedy Carpet

A large granite carpet which displays the names and catchphrases of 1000 UK comedians was unveiled this week, in Blackpool, and much to my surprise and pleasure, my name is featured
I’ve never been interested in any award ceremonies, prizes, or competitions throughout my years as a stand-up comedian or performer, but this wee inclusion on an art installation does give me a rather nice glow of satisfaction, as it has a certain aura of working-class credibility, for me at least
I’ve always had a huge respect for my precursors in the world of comedy, and have read and studied the history of UK stand-up comedy, and written on the subject too, in the Scottish Encyclopedia of Cuture, and on BBC Radio Scotland
Being included amongst some of the greatest stand-ups of the past and present is a pure honour, and I’m well chuffed
Unfortunately, I’m now gonna have to try and visit Blackpool to see the bloody thing!!

One thought on “The Blackpool Comedy Carpet

  1. Well-deserved Stu and I know, as you said, you don’t really get into these award thingys but take a bow and go have a wee celebration because you’ve earned it. As humble as you may be, at times you have to sit back and afford yourself a nice wee private pat on the back and this is one of those times.

    Well done, Stu!
    aka Space Boy Junkie

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