2 thoughts on “OMAGEDDON

  1. the graphic is far too good for the grammatical mistake at the start, it would be there are no Gods. God was never invented we are the invention. you state it is your belief, that i agree with and consequently your opinion no more or less. My faith does not involve reassurance on anything i have no dogma or creed outside anything i choose to know / believe for myself,and my love of pure creation / conciousness which is actually within all of us . To love unnearingly is one of the highest ideals of most religions without need of reward. If you scratch the surface with most athiests you find they do wish to believe , relate , but someone or some organisation who claimed to have the conch rubbed them up the wrong way, boned by a priest or whatever shunned by a closed church. I am an independant as indeed are we all in reality . thanks for the link may God be with you.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Ian … and for your pointing out my “mistake” … I’ll refrain from pointing out yours, and leave you to your immense task of scratching atheists, and rubbing conches

    There’s no gods … just a big cosmic joke


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