The Rabbit Rampant

Our Checkoslumvakia correspondent, Alex Frackleton, has  just been reminding me that many moons ago, I used to a comedy routine concerning the fact that it always seemed bizarre to me, especially as a child, that the Scottish Flag proudly displayed a bloody big lion on it when there were never, at any time, any lions native to Scotland
I could undoubtedly see the attraction … what with them being huge lazy fukkers prone to violence, and with the females being every bit as aggresssive, if not more so … the parallels are obvious
But, I suggested, maybe it would be more fitting to choose an animal which was native to our shores … like a badger … a salmon … or, best of all …. a RABBIT
They fight … shag like fukk … and have managed to totally infestate Australia
The parallels of the symbolism are uncanny
Whaddya think?
or even

One thought on “The Rabbit Rampant

  1. The rabbit was introduced by the Romans I think, might I suggest the eagle or the wren, both endangered like the Scots!
    Here’s to a Scottish Socialist Republic

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