Would That No Get Right On Your Thrupennies … ???

Would That No Get Right On Your Thrupennies …?
The vagaries of modern language are such that new words appear as the old disappears, without you even noticing it somehow
It was brought to my attention that it was some forty years ago today that the decimalisation of UK currency took place
Shock-horror! … It feels like only yesterday … Aye, if you’d been in a coma for thirty-nine years and three-hundred and sixty four days
The introduction of a new currency made obsolete a wide number of terms, words and expressions, like
A Tanner
Six old pence, or half a shilling, or one fortieth of a pound
A Haufcroon
A Half Crown, Two shillings and sixpence, or an eighth of a pound

A Penny
Two hundred and forty in a pound

A Bob
A shilling, or twelve pence, one twentieth of a pond
A Ha’penny
Half of a penny (doh!), or one four hundred and eightieth of a pound
A Two-Bob Bit
Two shillings, or a Florin
A Florin
Two shillings
Two pence
Three pence
A “silver thrupenny bit”

A Thruppny bit
Three pence piece
A “wooden thrupenny bit” with twelve sides

A Two-Bob-Bit
A two shilling piece, or one-tenth of a pound
A Farthing
Half of a ha’penny, or one quarter of a penny

A Ten-Bob Note
Ten shillings, or one half of a pound
One shilling and sixpence
A Coupla Coppers
Two pennies
A Thirty Bob Suit
A famous sales slogan for a bespoke gent’s suit
A Guinea
One pound and one shilling, or twenty-one shillings, and items such as
automobiles, furniture, televisions, and middle-class salaries would be regularly be paid in  guineas
A Dollar, or Five Bob
Five shillings
And, of course, the legendary …
“He’s getting right oan ma thruppennies!”
( ie. Thrupenny Bits, or Tits! )
A Penny Farthing

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