Snow Funny

It’s Friday, and it’s STILL snowing for the 6th consecutive, shivering, blizzard day.

I’ve cancelled my gig in Aberdeen tonight, as even attempting that journey would be nuts, having talked to a driver who took seven and a half hours travelling from Dundee to Perth, and that would be only a third of the distance I’d have to travel … sorry Aberdeen crowd, but safety first is the order of the day.

Maggi actually got quite forceful when I suggested yesterday that I might be attempting the journey, stating she’s sit on my head, if necessary, to stop any stupidity of that nature

Now there’s an offer I couldn’t refuse!

The garden is under three feet of snow in places, the archway which supported my clematis has collapsed dramatically, and I imagine irreparably as the plants will be totally frozen to the root … and so it goes.

Maggi and I are attempting to keep the garden table clear and covered in seeds, bread, and fat balls for the birds, who are flocking to our avian restaurant with large queues and tempestuous squabbling being the order of the day … the blackbirds being particularly aggressive towards other diners, except if they’re tiny wee birds, strangely enough … the blue tits being allowed to feed beside them whilst chaffinches, robins, and sparrows are chased off loudly.

Strangely, there is no sign of our regular magpies, and the squirrels have obviously had enough of all this white nonsense, and are now kipping through it



For the past four days, the car-owners in the street have been manfully, and womanfully, digging out their cars and attempting to clear a channel through the packed snow for hours upon end …. with one 6 hour shift for at least a dozen of them making the most impact on the constantly worsening situation.

If I was fit to do so, I’d have been out there with them, and was impressed by the community in action … I’ve got damn good neighbours, and that means a lot nowadays


Eventually, on Thursday, some enterprising soul managed to persuade the driver of a JCB tractor to leave his work down on the main road, and for a small recompense which involved cash and a bottle of whiskey, to spend half an hour digging out a channel to the nearest main road … at last!

Within an hour, someone had abandoned a car at the entrance to the road, blocking the slim channel of access that had been laboriously achieved …. aaaargh!!

On the plus side, it’s been great to see all my neighbours rallying round and working together, and as a friend remarked:

“The snow has turned out to be a bit of an ice-breaker”

The large mound of snow in the foreground of these fotos is now standing some seven foot high, and the potential flooding that we’ll face when this all melts is a new concern, but looks to be some weeks distant, if forecasts are correct

Dear oh dear!


And it’s now Wed, Dec 8th, and the snow is even deeper,

and turning to hard ice, as we’ve got temperatures of -15

Brrrr !!!

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