More Snow !!

Maggi and I decided, insanely, to go for a walk doon The Glen, in a snowstorm, in temperatures of -10 …. Mentaaaaalll!!


It was stunningly beautiful, and the few people we saw were friendly, as they were undoubtedly equally mental


As we were heading into snow that was above our knees, I decided we should cut through the woods, as the snow looked a bit less deep … as we came through bushes we chanced upon a large group of people crouched in a circle in the snow … !!!! … Turned out be a film crew doing scenes for a movie … how weird!!


To answer a query …. I take these fotos using just a daft wee compact camera, and I then “stitch” 3 or 4 together to get a panorama … I take 60 to get 6 good yins …. Maggi is VERY patient with me when we’re out walking!!


Ok , query … question answered


Click on the foto to enlarge


4 thoughts on “More Snow !!

    1. The Glen is my favourite place, and I’ve fairly travelled, but that daft wee strip of ground has kept me constantly entertained and entranced for over 30 years … and when it’s wearing it’s winter nighty, it’s never looked more regal and magnificent

      And, Geraldine, you do find that there’s a better class of people who frequent it’s environs … even though you get a weird look if you’re down there, andd you’ve not got a dog to walk

  1. Tis my spiritual home… always has been….always will be… and dog or not, you just get plain stared at when you’ve got Ian and his pipes with ye!!! lol

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