He Loves My Pies

I think this is rather good animation & music … damn fine


UrsHeckmann | 04 December 2009

This is a little music video in brickfilm-style for our song He Loves My Pies. This was initially thought to be a demo tune for my new ACE synthesizer turned into a pretty funny parody song. Which simply begged to be visualised with those Legos that were lurking in my closet. I couldn’t resist to mix bricks with photos and 70ies style video effects though.

The song was completely mixed in Logic with 24 tracks of ACE and 8 tracks for vocals. There’s no EQ or anything anywhere, just a few compressors on the vocals.

The photos were shot with a Canon EOS 30D SLR and grabbed with Dragon Stop Motion. Some photos were made the common way, such as the cat, the pies, the beach and the desert. These were then composited and animated in After Effects CS3.

The ultimate trick for quick & dirty bluescreen technique: Use a computer monitor with a green image as a background while shooting the legos 😉


😉 Urs

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