The Garden June 2010

After a week of my recuperation going in ups & downs, I had a lovely day with Maggi, doing a bit of gardening, listening to some really nice music, and feeling much better and more positive


The Phantom Band / Handsome Boy Modeling School / Kleptones  / The King / Faithless / Gorillaz /Stone Roses / …. choooon!!


The winter’s prolonged, sub-zero temperatures wiped out many of our more exotic plants and digging out their shrivelled remains was a pisser … but replacing them, and seeing that some were in fact able to be saved was great, and working with Maggi is always fun


The garden is my constant joy and working in it today was just wonderful … it repays all my work a million-fold when I sit down and drink in its loveliness … and when I think about it, that’s just like Maggi … she outdid herself today … what a lovely woman I have the pleasure of being married to


Here’s how it’s looking



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