I was reading an article in today’s Guardian bemoaning the state of the music’s industry’s dropping profit’s and the plight of artists

I then read this reply from the comments section


19 Apr 2010, 2:59AM

I am not sure who is being the most naive,the journalist or the media industry, the fact is when we could buy coal as a nation cheaper we sacked our coal miners and bravely bought cheap coal elsewhere – explaining to the miners and their families that the business model was broken. Now music and movies can be streamed to any PC and the media industry failed to adapt to his change it with its nose in a heap of white powder, looking sorry for itself and desperate for its next fix.

Que special pleading from millionaires…..cos this is just like the evil of home taping – which killed the music industry, VHS that killed Cinema and now downloads will kill us all through brain rot and….and… and… well because!!!!!

Bloody apple – the most retarded of companies (down fanboys down!!) makes a healthy living off a 21st century business model based around recognising that spinning discs just don’t do it any more and understanding what their audience need – fast, always available, digital content. Give the masses that one thing and they’ll buy it, or Susan Boyle (Granny never got the hang of bit torrent).

So an artist doest make millions — boo bloody hoo — I cant find the lady Ga Ga (right to make a fortune & piss it away on stupid dresses) act 2001 anywhere – is this European legislation? these folk are being forced to compete in a global market place where they have to deal with the reality of profit and loss not hype and coke….where a bad business model gets overtaken by a cheaper, simpler, better model, and bad overhyped content is overtaken by ( take your pick).

But the music business is different I hear you cry ….. cos the industry says so? Or is it HMG? or Mandy after a meeting with Geffen. Clearly the music industry is the backbone of our economy – more important than Coal, manufacturing or indeed the financial sector,as it is propped up by lazy journos, weedy self serving political snakes and day glo orange folk from follywood.

Artists should be paid the going market rate, and rewarded for their work, no one would argue with that, but the special pleading is just whiny rubbish from overawed journalists……hoping for an “in” with an industry figure.

The irony that this piece is on a free electronic version of a traditional “pay per copy” paper is so sweet I may post this again.

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