Stephen Fry on The Catholic Church

The Intelligence² Debate – Stephen Fry (Unedited)

My respect for Mr  Fry knows no bounds, as I love his writing, his comedy,  his documentaries, and QI is undoubtedly the funniest of all those fukkin awful celebrity quizzes that TV has been infected with of late

This, however, puts him in a different category altogether … a truly fine human being

This debate on whether the Catholic Church is a force for good is astonishing in many senses … Christopher Hitchens attacks like a bulldog and enumerates a litany of the church’s outrageous crimes from the past up to the present, in a highly vociferous, but highly  unentertaining, manner

Archbishop Nicebutdim is an embarrassment in an intellectual debate of this weight … Who the fukk chose him?

Ann Widdecombe leaves me speechless in astonishment … I’ve never been a fan of the MP’s we have in this country, but this woman’s level of inarticulate, hysterical blather makes me cringe to think that she actually held a Cabinet position at one time … a fukkin moron!!

Her own argument is illogical, innacurate, and avoids all the major issues posed

Watch the whole debate if you’ve got time … or simply marvel at the eloquence, passion, and restraint of a highly moral man … Stephen Fry

I’ve never ever voted or fancied trying gay sex, but if I did, Fry would be in with a chance … on both counts



Archbishop Nicebutdim

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