Well, it’s been quite a wee while since I added to this blog, as I was rather ill and not doing much of anything but getting by on a day-to-day basis

Pain has a rather immediate way of keeping your attention

And, talking of Pain … the old days of The Muirfield Arts Project, Cumbernauld Theatre, Scabaret, and the respective bands I played with, Itai Itai, and The Pain Society, Whiit, The Death Of Duke Ellington, Dum Dum, have been coming back to haunt me with astonishing regularity of late … and, in most cases, quite pleasantly so

So many people from that old Cumbernauld music & arts scene have resurfaced, due primarily to the accessibility that Facebook now offers, and Tracy Beale has now posted hundreds of great fotos from that punk era which have delighted and embarrassed me in equal measure

What a collection of twatish clothes & hairstyles I’ve proudly displayed over those years …

Oh, and I DID know it was twattish, even back then …

That was my motto even then, “I Don’t Give A Fuck”

So …. I’m posting some fotos and images from that period for all those who’ve asked

If you want better quality, high-res versions, just ask.

5 thoughts on “THE GOOD (Cumbern)AULD DAYS

  1. fanfeckingtastical…i forgot just how goddam good those posters’s amazing how a few prints can induce so many memories.I knew there was something missing,Cumbernauld just hasn’t looked the same without them.loving this…happy dayz..
    canny wait to see yon foties noo..
    stay well mister 😀
    n cheers for making my day.

  2. good strong reminding me..even when nothing around seemz right in the world,Ah few like minded people can make there world interesting..4 THEM & OTHER.SO I THANK YOU 4 THAT-XXX

  3. Magic Moments Stu.
    Just goes to show that Cumbernauld produced some great music / bands and nights out in the 80’s.
    Have given Jim D some soundboard recordings and demo stuff of Whitt and the Dukes. Drop me a mail if you want some CD copies sent to you.

    Keep Well

  4. Cheers Folks … I’ll keep putting stuff up as I find it

    It was a very productive and interesting time for us all, I reckon … the whole being more than the sum of the parts … literally!

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