As I trudged wearily across the windswept comedic wastelands of media-hell, my battered and sodden plumage was once more raised, if only for moments, by the glimmering light that suggested a possibility of warmth, or maybe even hope

The flickering memories of long-distant laughter were momentarily rekindled by such a sheltering cosyness of intent

Fragile titters, momentary guffaws, and tender, solitary chuckles appeared as if from nowhere, and the false dawn of an early morning thunderhead illuminated my night-crusted eyes

Had I dreamt a dream of a young man’s hopeful vision, or had I simply witnessed three of the Apocalypse’s fiery nags in flight, and in my depths of desperation transmuted their base metal to a sheen of golden delight?

Gorman, Lee, and Legge may be their earthly nomenclature, but if that fourth and deadliest of all horsemen should ever make themselves known … then, surely the Armageddon of the Mediocre must await us all

Comedy has once more arisen

Let Corden, Carr, and Kay, once more, be not Children of the Corn, but Children of the Damned

Both Stewart Lee’s and Dave Gorman’s new shows are fantastic, and a real shock at that

Have the TY commissioning editors been drugged … hopefully!!



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