This is


the best wee bit of

humorous animation


I’ve watched, in ages !!

I really laughed at this.


Here are two of my Flying Elephant series of graffix,

from “Think Or Thwim”


A book which I hope to publish

… eventually


I think that it’s probably too cheerful a wee book for most publisher’s nowadays …

as it doesn’t concern my rehab-experiences,

or my struggle with heroin,

or my sexual-abuse as a child,

or violent upbringing


“As a child … did your father touch you?

“Yeah … but not enough?”

There’s now a section in bookshops,

and even in Asda’s limited bookshelves,

and featured alongside Science Fiction, Thrillers,

Romance, Cooking, Biography,

Religion and Other Fantasies …

we find the increasingly popular

“Miserable Lives” section


In the course of our present economic avalanche,

it’s expected that it will entirely occupy

75% of the shop’s floorspace,

by October






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