City banker spent

£43,000 on champagne

A City banker ran up a £43,000 bill on champagne at a London nightclub,

including a £5,000 tip for the waitress.

By Nick Allen and Aislinn Simpson

19 Feb 2009

Copy of the £43,000 bar bill


The astonishing bar bill included

two methuselah of Dom Perignon champagne at £9,000 each,

and four jeroboam of Crystal champagne costing £4,500 each.

A methuselah is eight times the normal bottle size,

and a jeroboam four times.

The unnamed banker arrived at Maya, a nightclub in London’s Soho, with four friends.

He then ordered a total of 16 bottles of champagne from the drinks menu,

which were shared with other guests.

His bill came to £43,067.50.

A 15 per cent service charge, which amounted to £5,617.50,

all went to the lucky waitress, who was called Anna.

The banker’s group, which included men and women,

drank until 1.30am before he picked up the tab for his friends on a credit card.

Maya was hosting a party after the Brit Awards

and is a venue popular with soap stars and Premiership footballers.

Other visitors have included actress Sienna Miller

and singer Rihanna

and the club operates a New York-style door policy where only those

who the management deem “connected, fashionable and interesting enough”

are allowed in.

The club motto is:

“If you’re not inside you’re outside.”

A club source said:

“The guy comes here regularly. He and his guests

were clearly not taking any notice of the recession.”

What was drunk:

5 x bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal 99 Champagne – £350 each

3 x Magnum of Cristal Rose Champagne – £1,900 each

2 x Methusalem of Dom Perignon Champagne – £9,000 each

4 x Jeroboam of Belvedere Vodka – £750 each

2 x Jeroboam of Crystal Champagne – £4,500 each

15% service charge – £5,617.50

Total – £43,067.50


2 thoughts on “HARD TIMES No.1

  1. “Connected, fashionable and interesting enough”

    That’s enough for me. I’d prefer a curry in the Dehi Darbar in Dumbarton any day.

    The bill for five in there including drinks would probably be less than £100 with the added advantage that the clientelle is distinctly devoid of arseholes who think they are somebody.

    Where does one sign up for the revolution?

    Doesn’t the logo look awfy like McDonalds?

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