7 thoughts on “EEJIT No. 32547

  1. 19024, Rab, was actually the precise number of Eejits who attained Eejithood in the time it took you to work it out

    Attaining Eejithood by their unnerring stupidity, … and were thus added to my ever-growing “Army of the Eejit” … or, EA, as it’s known

    Well … since you were actually daft enough to work out the arithmetic of the two Eejit postings … let’s call it 19025

    I’ll send your un-naturalisation papers in the post asap.

  2. CAMPBELL: I reckon that Eejits are a totally intenational, non-ethnic, community, whose inherent stupidity crosses all boundaries

    KOWBOY: Now THAT’s a very sensible observation … I hadn’t thought of that, but now that you mention it … DOH! Who’s the Eejit now, eh?

  3. I have to say they don’t look like the folding type of bollard from here.

    Mind you Dublin’s a long way so I could be wrong.

    Eejit number 19025.

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