While the prophets of doom & discontent wage their daily battle for our sanity and our souls

Suddenly …

Snow falls … and Cumbernauld looks beautiful





Maggi and I went down The Glen, and had a walk in the Park, during the recent heavy snow-falls, and when the photos came back from the chemist … remember when you had to wait for a week to see your fotos? … when I downloaded these from my camera, I was entranced by just how beautiful Cumbernauld can look in the snow

It was also lovely to see kids playing outside again … which seems to be less & less frequent, in these days of electronic exercise & entertainment

It’s a load of electronic pish … better known as a load of Wii-Wii




5 thoughts on “SNOW AS BAD AS YOU THINK

  1. Of course I meant

    Wherz it cauld?


    As you said in yer email Stu that slogan survived twenty years. There was another ad at the same time for a business in Glasgow which kept repeating “Half way down Robertson Street!”
    Ah cannae mind what the advert was for but I remember where they were, and if you remember where you are then there you go!

  2. Ahaaaaaaaaaa … That was for “Robertson Street Wallpaper & Paints” … halfway down some street whose name I can’t remember!!

    Yeah, I do remember that one, and Glen’s Robertson, Hutchiesons and Stepek …. “Whoop-de-do.It’s another spring saving spectacular at Bows furniture store this weekend. Come early to avoid disappointment”

  3. Would you credit it? Morris’s would, especially if you demand a Milanda at McKechnies where you see the bakers dozin’ 8) sign.

    And lets not forget Oor Wullie, Your Wullie, A’body’s Wullie!

    1. That made me laugh, it was specialist wallcoverings halfway down Robertson street, just goes to show how well adverts on the radio work!

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