Tell the truth and shame the devil

In a week where a 72 year old milkman was prosecuted for supplying customers, on his milk-round, with cannabis to “relieve their aches & pains”, where an eight gold medal Olympian was “exposed & vilified” in photographs, smoking a cannabis pipe, and where a government scientist would express the opinion that “taking ecstasy was no more dangerous than horse-riding”, and be castigated for expressing this informed opinion, in both the media & in parliament, … in a week like this, what do our younger members of society make of all this contradictory information?

Hmmm? Probably, that our government talks shite, and is at odds with the verifiable facts on drugs, and that this exposes the contradictory opinions & laws it extols, and maybe that the booze-ridden world of journalism should clean up its own house before casting aspersions & stones at the glasshouse of other’s behaviour.

1 72 year old milkman prosecuted for supplying cannabis”: The really shocking part of that statement is that a 72 year old is still working as a milkman!! Is he still forced to get up at 05.00 am every day because he’s a wealthy eccentric, or because his pension is insufficient to meet his basic needs. Is his altruism in selling cannabis to others also a way of paying for his own wee bit? If it was supplied legally, or if he was in an economic position to afford it, then he wouldn’t be criminalized in this disgusting manner. Prosecute him? I’d give the old bugger a bloody medal.

2 Olympian, Michael Phelps, record-breaking winner of 8 gold medals, caught on film smoking cannabis”: This rather makes a nonsense of all those “scare-stories” surrounding the myth of lazy dope-smoking ne’er-do-wells. How many medals would he have won if he wasn’t a stoner? He would maybe have won EVERY event at the last Olympics … including the equestrian events, without even using a horse. – Now, I’ve been a regular cannabis user for the past 30 years, happily married for nearly 40 years, and have raised 2 kids, who are now highly successful, well adjusted individuals in their own right, and have actively pursued my own careers to the point that I’ve been accused of being a workaholic. Hmmm? Lazy dope-smoker? These facts seem rather at odds with the propaganda we are fed on cannabis and its use

3 Government scientist expresses opinion that ecstasy is no more dangerous than horse-riding: Once again, as on topics such as environmental awareness, global climate change, evolution versus intelligent design, building more airports, encouraging public transport rather than encouraging & rewarding car manufactures, … once again, the politicians ignore the opinions of the independent experts who study the facts, and choose instead to follow the needs of industry, or the fear-mongering, vested interests of the media. Alcohol, and sugar are two of the biggest health threats as addictive drugs in our society, yet our governments chose to have a convenient “blind-spot” in their nanny-state mentality … but choose to vilify certain minority groups & their behaviour ie the young, or the unconventional

Taking ecstasy undoubtedly has its risk factor … as has skiing, mountain climbing, horse riding, and the plethora of extreme, or dangerous, sports that young people are actively encouraged to participate in, as character-building experiences

Bit of double standards here, eh?

And THAT is the dangerous part of all this bullshit, I fear

There are dangers to taking ecstasy, to smoking dope, and to extreme sports … and young people have a tendency to dismiss ALL advice or warnings, particularly when they find out that the people dispensing the advice are hypocritical, two-faced, one-rule-for-us-another-for-you, lying bastards

They ignore the good advice with the bad

Tell the truth and shame the devil

That was my gran’s advice, and for better or worse, that’s what I did with my own kids

I told them the truth about my own drink & drug use, and gave them TRUTHFULLY whatever information I knew on the subject … and, surprisingly, they’ve shown no desire to rebel, or be adventurous, in that respect, and have a healthy informed attitude

So, it turns out that my years of drug-fuelled, alcoholic madness served as an informed warning & lesson for my kids … I did it all for them!!

Aaaah … the sacrifices I’ve made for those kids!!

We live in a mad world of paradox

How za bout this for example …?????



5 thoughts on “THE AGONY & THE MDMA

  1. “Tell the truth and shame the devil”. What a great expression and one I haven’t heard before.

    Successive governments have failed to grasp the drugs thing. I’d be very surprised if the majority of current MP’s hadn’t at least tried cannabis which makes the hand wringing all the more puzzling.

    It’s a political hot potato, a taboo. Remember the stushie when the Liberals suggested decriminalising cannabis at one of their conferences?

    My own drug of choice is single malt whisky.

    But I don’t inhale.

  2. Stu
    Your blog is refreshing and I thought I was cynical
    I am afraid all my drugs are prescribed and not of choice

    1. Thanx Cam … glad you like it

      I don’t really see myself as cynical however

      “A cynic is what an optimist calls a realist”
      … I’ve always subscribed to that school of thought, and see myself as quite positive thinking in my attitude, but with a very strong “bullshit-detector” in operation

      As for the drug-issue, it has always baffled me that one group of chemicals is a medicine, another a drug, and another a “condiment”, etc … they’re all just combinations of chemicals

      Alcohol & sugar are hugely addictive and cause massive problems in our society, and the great majority of public opinion is hugely uninformed and shaped by a politically motivated media and politicians with vested interests

      Even in your own case, with prescription drugs, the economics of medication is put before the needs of patients. A postcode lottery exists in the availability of certain medications, and some older patients are considered less-deserving because of their possible lack of life-expectancy … !!!

      And as for the costs of medications … don’t get me started!!!

      Hope yir keeping ok



  3. If I was not over 60 before they reduced the cost it would have cost me around £60 a month
    Agree about the postcode lottery but what annoys me more is that when chemical companies make huge profits and then hide behind the research and development angle
    as an excuse for ripping the ill and disabled off Bastards
    I am fine thanks to free medication
    What about the poor fuckers in the land of the free they get into debt when they are ill

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