And Very fine stuff too

Amazing what you can do with a bit of imagination


The Ten Year Plan

Stu Who?

“So, every ten year or so, we’ll swap from The Alpha Party being in power … After they’ve managed to successfully drain every penny they can from the public-purse … Arranging, maybe a wee war or two, just before they relinquish power, …and a huge financial scandal where all the evidence gets lost in say a “terrorist attack”, … and then, a final “Global Crisis” which we use to drain the last drops out of the economic reserves, and give it to the people who created the crisis in the first plus …say as a bonus?

We hand over the reigns of power to The Beta Party … Nothing too obvious, y’understand .. Give the impression of putting up candidates, but using extremist losers that nobody’s previously heard of, and have a new Fall-Guy in the Presidential seat, to take the blame, and be someone charismatic that we can all “get-behind” to fix the outrageous misappropriations of the previous administration, blah-blah-blah … and to slowly rebuild the economy, over say a ten-year period”

And once everything’s been put re-decorated, and the economy re-charged … We’ll do it all again … Whaddya think?”

“Naaaaaaaah … They’ll never buy it, boss … Nobody’s THAT stupid … !!!

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