After a long abstinence, I let maself get slightly wannered at the weekend, as it was my annivesary

My 39th Anniversary … It turned out to be 39th, … that is, after some consultation with Madame Who? … ‘cos I tend to even lose track of even my own birthdays !!!!

“Fortieth, next year?” said I … in a stunning feat of deduction

” So … what will that be? Diamond, Silver … ?”

“Ruby, actually” she replied

“Well, you know what that means I”ll be getting you as a present?”

Madame Who? smiles expectantly, as I had a beautiful necklace made for her from Scottish silver, and real Scottish pearls, for our 30th, Pearl, anniversary

“What?” she smiles

“A curry … !!” says I, quickly exiting the lving-room, and narrowly missing getting gubbed with a flipflop

What actually intruiges me is the strange fact that young people that I’ve sinced asked, from 15 years old upwards. all know that a curry is slang shorthanded as a “RUBY”, and even better, they know that is short for a “RUBY MURRAY” … but, and here’s the interesting bit … none of them have a clue who RUBY MURRAY actually was

And are oblivious to her, still-standing, world record for having five records in the Top Twenty simultaneously … all of them admittedly shite … but a record’s a record, right?

Man … doesn’t stuff like that make you really hank for a ruby?

Now … the term Hank … ???






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