Maybe it’s the zeitgeist, the spirit-of-the-times, or whatever … but having thoroughly enjoyed a movie that put moaning about real POVERTY into some sort of perspective, ie “SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE … I’m now totally addicted to an album that sounds as if it was recorded during The Great Depression in the 30’s … and what was so great about that depression you might well ask … ???

The album is by “For Emma, Forever Ago” by BON IVER

Can’t stop playing it’s haunting tunes

Bon Iver is the name of indie folk singer-songwriter Justin Vernon’s current band and most notable music project to date. The band now consists of Mike Noyce and Sean Carey. The name, Bon Iver, is an anglicization of the French “bon hiver” (good winter). Vernon independently released Bon Iver’s debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago in 2007, the majority of which was recorded while spending three months in a remote cabin in Wisconsin

One thought on “BON IVER

  1. I’ve got the album and to be honest it has taken a while to grow on me but I’m liking it noo.

    There really is a vacancy in the zeitgeist for a check shirt a beard and a wooly hat.

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