One Giant Leap

One Giant Leap

This album & dvd, featuring MIchael Stipe, Eddie Reader, Ashe Bosle, Michael Franti, Kurt Vonnegut, Speech, and a plethora of World musicians, is in my opinion one of the greatest musical achievements of the past 20 years

Jamie Catto & Duncan Bridgeman spent over a year travelling the world, using pre-recorded drum samples & basslines, and then adding pieces from musicians in each country they then visited … letting the musicians add to what the last musician had played

The resulting compositions are truly World Music and exceptionally beautiful … the sum being far more than the parts

The second installment, “What About Me”, has now been shown in weekly episodes on CH4, but I’m waiting to see the film … can’t wait

5 thoughts on “One Giant Leap

  1. U betcha, Rab

    1 Giant Leap is undoubtedly my most played album, and has probably cheered me up and give me more good thoughts & feelings than every drug I’ve ever taken

    Apart fae all that … I really like it!

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