I’m baffled, and slightly frightened, when I hear an adult, grown man, of some 40 years plus, saying:

“I’d take a bullet for him”

Who said that, and about whom?

Well, it was Big Brother 9 contestant, the ever-juvenile, Coolio … or, as we prefer here in Castle Who?, the irrepressible rapper, Thickio

Thickio, and his fellow housemates had just finished viewing President Obama’s inauguration speech and all eyes, and cameras, were on the Big Brother house’s only black contestant, to gauge his emotional reaction

La Toya Jackson? … Black? … Please!!!

Anyway … the three US contestants, La Toya, Verne, and Thickio were dissecting their fellow UK contestants reactions and comments to Obama’s speech, and expressing their umbrage at the “disrespect”, and lack of appreciation for “all the good that Amerika does”, and the fact that “The USA has saved the world during the past eight years” … ??? … Yeah, I’m baffled at that reference too.

Thickio had gone off to the bedroom for a tearful sob, and was then comparing the sincerity of Obama’s speech, and the intensity of his emotional delivery, to that of Martin Luther King, when he then severely intoned his final comment on it all:

“I’d take a bullet for him”

Hmmm? If he meant Dr King, he’s a bit on the late side.

What disturbs me most about that statement is this:

a) Like most politicians, Obama is a figurehead. A symbol put there by those who are really in power, to take the flak, take the blame, be the “star of the show”. Politics is a soap opera, and Obama is the new lead actor in a well-scripted drama.

b) Obama didn’t actually write the words that he said in that speech. The carefully prepared script was written by, Jon Favreau … a professional writer.  Just like our own Obama, Tony Blair, whose “spin doctor” Alistair Campbell produced & wrote his speeches and even employed some of my fellow comedy writers to liven up his speeches, all of these speeches don’t actually come “from the heart”, or even the head, of the politicians who deliver them. Obama ain’t a singer/songwriter, he’s just doing karaoke, boys & girls.

c) The new, black-messiah status that is being touted by the media, and bought, wholesale, by this soap-opera’s fan base, puts President Obama in an enviable position not witnessed since the early days of our last Glorious Leader. Will the black youth of Amerika now follow Thickio’s example and express their dedication to Obama by joining the armed forces and “Take a bullet for him”. Will Obama’s black credentials allow him licence for behaviour and attitudes that would be more crictically observed in other Presidents, in the same way that black rappers have licence for racist language and sexist behaviour that the media seems reluctant to criticise for fear of being deemed racist?

d) Will the new Glorious Leader lead a totally United States of Amerika in a Glorious Crusade for Good, ‘cos they can now, seemingly, justify torture, invasion, economic warfare to fulfil their energy needs, and anything they bloody well like because they are, as we all know, God’s Chosen Good Guys

e) Will the soap-opera’s writers want Obama killed-off in the new series, and will his  understudy, Vice President Jack Bauer, extract a terrible vengeance on the Arab world for their obvious collaboration in his demise?

For further developments … Watch this space


5 thoughts on “BITE THAT BULLET

  1. The thing is tho’ Stu…………..

    There are dreams, hopes and expectations.

    I dream of Scotland winning the World Cup. However, although I hope they do I don’t expect they ever will.

    To dream of a wholly fair and just America and world is just fine and it is admirable. To hope for it immediately is unrealistic and to expect it………….

    I’m 49 and have lived through eleven presidencies. Looking down the list, (including Johnson,Nixon Reagan and the twa Bushes) I think Obama is pretty much about the best anyone could hope for, or expect at this time.

    IF (the biggest word in the English language) his actions meet his words there will be a dramatic change in US foreign policy. There will be a fairer tax and welfare system. There already has been a sea change in the race issue amongst the majority.

    When considering events in the USA you have to examine the nature of that beast (which you have done in the case of the 3 BB contestants)

    I think you would be surprised (or maybe not) how typical Coolio’s attitude is amongst the black people in America. Maybe they see Obama as a kind of Messiah to lead them to the promised land.

    Unrealistic expectation I know.

    But there’s a lot of it about 8)

  2. The Thing is, Rab … you don’t seem to grasp the fact that I don’t believe that the so-called “President” has any power whatsoever… whoever he is, and whatever colour he is

    You may have any dream that you wish, but when those fantasies are a basis for your politics … well, that’s a different matter.

    Your footballing aspirations are not a root-cause of the massive problems facing us with regards to environmental issues and the frightening inequalities facing the starving majority … at least I hope that they’re not!

    I’m also quite amazed at your sweeping generalisations, and would love to know what authoratitive source you’re quuoting when you state that “There already has been a sea change in the race issue amongst the majority.” and “how typical Coolio’s attitude is amongst the black people in America”

    I would seriously dispute both statements, and know many US political commentators whose research would also seriously dispute those statements … and I stress “research” rather than “opinion” which you, of course, have a right to … but Rab, I can assure you, I know MANY black US citizens who are extemely left-wing, and who share my extremely jaundiced view of world politics and would be outraged to hear that Coolio’s ludicrous notions would be considered “typical” of black people in America

    As I’ve said before, I’m a REALIST whose political views are not based in wish-fantasies … and I do still have idealistic dreams, but not those which involve UFO’s, super heroes, or supernatural agencies, changing our world for the better

    Or, that any politician, working within a capitalist agenda, can effect any significant change

    Capitalism IS the problem … not the fact that it’s an inefficient form of capitalism

    I believe that WE can make things better, but that involves seeing things as they are, not as we’re TOLD they are

    The Truth shall set you free, Rab … not your dreams.

  3. And, Rab, you seemed to have totally ignored the gist of my original posting about those who would “take a bullet” … !!! … ???

    When people say, “I’d Die for my country”, my reply is, “I’d rather Live for mine”

    love & peace


  4. Oh … and YES … I know it’s a different Jon Favreau … just wondered if YOU did

    And … I also know that Jack Bauer ain’t the vice president

    It’s Woody Allen … right?

  5. I’ve never heard of either of the John Favreaus. Maybe the other Favreaus split from the original Favreaus to become a separate entity. You must be familiar with this concept being a socialist Stu 😉

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