A Cynic is what an Optimist calls a Realist

Sorry to rain on your parade, boys & girls, but if Obama was any threat to the rapacious greed of the Corporations, they wouldn’t have financed his campaign … now would they?

Doh … !!!

Here’s a more eloquent and realistic, black US politician … Gil Scott Heron, whose dad, who died just recently and was the first ever black player to be part of the Glasgow Celtic football team.

Gil Scott Heron is an inspiration, and the Godfather of the Rap and Hip-hop scene, and in my opinion, one of the finest and most influential poets of the 20th century. I was lucky enough to have met him briefly, many moons ago, on one of his visits to Glasgow, his ancestral homeland


  1. I am listening to Gil Scott Heron’s “Winter In America”. I am fighting back tears as I read your words that Gil passed away recently?I just happened upon this site because I thought “wonder what Gil thinks of the new Prez?” I helped put on a concert for Gil Scott Heron in upstate New York many years ago. What an amazing human being. I know he has had a rough time over the last decade. But he was just released. HE can’t be dead.Please say I misread. SIncerely

  2. Hey …. calm down my friend

    You most certainly misread it

    It says “His dad … who died recently”

    His father died … not Gil.

    But then again … it’s quite heartwarming to see the love and caring you have for such a fine, fine man as Gil

    Love & Respect from Glasgow, Scotland … where Gil’s dad stayed, and met his mum

    peace & love, my sister

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