I ain’t gonna do no in-depth review, as these things are always mightily subjective, but Maggi and I went to see SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE on Saturday and, for once, we saw a really fine movie which lived up to the hype

The poverty and deprivation aren’t downplayed, or romanticised, and the fairytale story is a suitable vehicle for some well-needed social comment, and a great wee love story … aaaaaaaaaaah!! … which, co-incidentally, is maybe the very thing needed in these times of so-called recession when a sense of pespective on “real” poverty is surely needed

We ended up going to the Glasgow Film Centre, for a change, as the Cinecentre multiplex was queued around the block, and I’m so glad we did.  A lovely cinema, with no background chat, and … and here’s the bonus … you can have a beer, or glass of wine while you watch the film

How cool is THAT.

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