Many years back, on the very night that the conservative government were at last removed from power in the UK, I caused a massive upset at the celebratory party I was attending in Sheffield, when I had the temerity to loudly suggest that the New Labour government would turn out to be intrinsically no different from the bunch of corrupt bastards we were getting rid of

“No matter who you vote for, the government gets in”

That was the general gist of my argument

Tonight, as the USA awaits its new, black messiah to turn aside the tumultuous tide of recession, intolerance, corruption, war-mongering, exploitation and general fukkwittery that we are enveloped in at the present time … and constantly, if the truth be known … they don’t stop the wars, they just change the venues … !!!

Hail To The Chief

The King Is Dead – Long Live The King

Same Shit – Different Paddle

By-By Bush … Hello Obama


I’d better get started on my Obama posters soon, eh?

One thought on “SAME OLD SAME OLD

  1. A quote from Alf Garnett springs to mind.

    “I’ve lived under 14 governments and I’ve been poor under every bloody one of ’em!”

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