For those of ye that ain’t from ‘round here, I should explain that the term “Gallus” is a Scottish, and primarily Glaswegian, term defined in Wikipedia as:


· Gallus A British dialect word, chiefly Scottish, for 1. Self confident, daring, cheeky. 2. Stylish, impressive Origin- derogatory, meaning wild, a rascal;deserving to be hanged (from the Gallows)


I prefer to think of it meaning “cocky”, and with all of its connotations


Anyway … I’ve had an interest for some time on the subject of bands with inventively funny names … the best of these often being “tribute-bands” of course, where the members often don’t have the same over-serious, arse-nippingly pretentious sensibilities of those aspiring pop or rock heroes and wannabe celebrities posing as musicians … and I’ve found that the best & funniest, and to my own particular taste, happen to originate in Scotland … or, maybe that’s just the ones I’ve heard most of?


But who cannot be impressed by a folk band doing heavy metal and calling themselves Def Shepherd … or the very wunnerful Ceilidh Minogue, Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Govan Spoonfull, Judas’s Carry-Oot … or, Glaswegian “Steps” tribute band “Stairs” and, pictured above, the superb “Jimi Shandrix Experience” … is that not a wee belter, eh?


My favourite non-Scottish acts are the Meatloaf tribute act, “Bat Out Of Hull”, Newcastle’s “Bon Geordie”, and the rather middle-class Oxford band, “By Jovi”

Anyway … that’s the selection to date … with thanx to all those who’ve contributed, and to Bigrab for giving me my favourite of the moment


Gallus Cooper

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